Our instructors

Our instructors

Adele Vincent

Yoga & Meditation Teacher


I was a neuroscientist for many years before retraining as a yoga and meditation teacher so that I could deepen my knowledge of yoga and share the profound wisdom of the ancient yogic scriptures and medical systems of China and India. 

I began retraining in Sydney in 2017 (and haven’t stopped) and have since taught Hatha, Satyananda and Ryoho Yoga / Japanese yoga and meditation to children and adults in many different settings. 

In early 2023, my first children’s picture book was released, Butterflies Be Gone: Yoga Therapy for Fear and Anxiety. My mission is to make yoga therapy and meditation accessible to kids and adults so that all people may live to their full potential as happy, healthy, intuitive and integrated human beings. 

Other modes of fun for me include outdoorsy adventures with my family, especially mountain biking, bushwalking in Tassie wilderness and camping in the desert. I also love reading mind-expanding literature, writing whenever the inspiration strikes, and my cat purring next to me.    

Christina How

Founder of Sanará Studio | Yoga Teacher


I grew up in Switzerland and I was lucky to experience different cultures from a young age as my family embraced travelling and exploring. These journeys left me with memories of encounters with people and with nature, and the experiences inspired me to a mindful, healthy, and compassionate way of life.  This, combined with a passion for yoga and well-being, is the foundation for my vision to create ‘a place to heal’

The journey to get here, was in a round about way. I visited Australia when I was nineteen and fell in love with the Aussie lifestyle. I studied applied science in aviation and later tourism management. After a decade living in Sydney, it was time for a sea change. An opportunity to take over an internationally focused tourism business in Tasmania was too good to pass on.

I first tried yoga when I was experiencing balance issues due to a middle ear problem and stress related fatigue. The benefits and improvements I experienced through regular practice, were life changing. I was hooked and eager to practice, continuously learn more, and to take the next step to undertake teacher trainings in Ashtanga Vinyasa, yin and meditation.

The more the practice (on and off the mat) became part of my life, the more I felt drawn to open a studio with the vision to cater for the wider community, to break down barriers and to make the foundations of these ancient practices applicable to modern-day life. When the pandemic put a spanner in the works for my tourism business, it seemed like an opportune time to follow my dream and open Sanará Studio – a place to heal.

I am immensely grateful to my teachers – Lyndel Dean, Mathieu Boldron, Aisa Locsin, Bernie Clark, Nathalie Keiller, Jo Phee, Kino MacGregor, and Em Cruickshank – for sharing their wisdom, and for their guidance and support.  

Lyndel Dean

Yoga Teacher


I’ve had the pleasure of teaching Yoga and training Yoga teachers in Hobart since 2003 in my own studio called the Yoga Point and then with Bija Yoga. Prior to my Tasmania experience I taught Yoga in Sydney, in all I’ve been teaching for over 30 years. I have studied under, Eileen Hall, Graham and Leonie Northfield, Anna Pryor, Carol Baillargeon, Matthew Sweeney, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Gregor Maehle, Peter Sampson.

My training and disciplines have mainly come through Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Krama, Inyegar and Oki-do Yoga. I also draw from my knowledge of the body/mind through my training in Zen Shiatsu Therapy and Somatic Psychotherapy and Counselling. Through teaching yoga and my mental health work I’ve been able to bring Yoga and wellbeing programs into the youth space in my various roles in the Community Services Sector.

I enjoy sharing my exploration of yoga and the ongoing benefits that asana and meditation practices can give one. Yoga has given me so much; better physical and mental health, a more grounded sense of self and a connection to a wonderful community.

Fiona Harding

Yoga Teacher


Yoga has been a part of my life for over a decade. While working for a newspaper, I was asked to cover a story on a local yoga studio owner. Curious, I joined her class, and returned a few more times to realise that yoga was much more than just ‘stretching’. I was hooked, discovering the various benefits yoga offered. Yoga literally changed my life, helping me with a niggling back injury and increasing fitness, strength, flexibility and mental wellbeing.

I facilitate both yin yoga and vinyasa styles and are accredited with Yoga Australia. Both styles complement the busy modern life. Yin yoga works on the fascia and softer tissues of the body, while vinyasa encourages to move energy around the body, finding balance between both strength and flexibility. 

Our lifestyles are so fast paced these days, which is why I’m passionate about yin yoga. The poses are held for a time, in a depth that suits, while aiming to remain still, and so reminds us to slow down. I take a functional approach to my teaching style and aim to deliver classes to the modern yogi with a playful exploration of the various asanas (postures) and guide students to explore their own unique practice.

Cath Brown

Yoga Teacher and Ortho-Bionomy practitioner


Cath brings a genuine love of teaching yoga and 20 years of experience adapting the practice for her students.

Cath’s formal training began with a Bachelor Degree in Dance, which is where she developed an interest in movement as a healing practice.

In 2004, Cath immersed herself fully in the practice of yoga, completing teacher training in Sydney with Katie Manitsas and traveling to India to practice Buddhist meditation. On her return to Australia she began teaching full time and specialized in sharing yoga to individuals with mental health challenges.

In 2007, Cath was invited to participate in an apprenticeship with Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss of Yoga Synergy where she taught as a senior teacher for 12 years. The Yoga Synergy method is based on a deep and sound knowledge of anatomy and physiology, modern medical science and traditional Hatha Yoga.

Cath’s teaching practice has developed further through her studies in Counselling, Trauma Informed Principals, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Mindfulness and Ortho-Bionomy bodywork. Her approach is trauma and nervous system informed and her work fosters a deep respect for the intelligence of the body and each individual’s process of growing in resilience and embodied presence.

Cath has great skill in making the yoga practice accessible for everyone. Cath’s classes are informed by her many years of yoga practice, teaching and study. They are inclusive, adaptive and intelligently sequenced to allow students to practice in harmony with their changing needs, from day to day and moment to moment. Each class is designed to nurture body, mind and heart, through a combination of dynamic, gentle and restorative postures, breath awareness and mindfulness techniques.

Cath is a qualified yoga teacher (1000 hrs,) Ortho-Bionomy practitioner (500hrs) and counsellor (Diploma). She lives in the Derwent Valley with her partner and adorable dog Jasper. Her other great loves are nature, art, cooking and gardening.

Frances Parker

Yoga & Mediation Teacher


I have always been an educator. I was a primary school teacher for most of my working life and had leadership roles as a deputy and school principal.

I have an ongoing passion for learning and sharing knowledge and, now that I have more time, I feed my soul with the things that I love and which bring me joy: art, gardening, nature, children, and living close to the smell and sound of the sea.

Yoga is central to my life. For me it is the gift that keeps on giving. It helps me find balance and retain a sense of wellbeing. I’m excited and passionate about sharing the magic of yoga with others.


Yoga Teacher


I’m excited Ashtanga Yoga has found a home in urban Nipaluna/Hobart.  The wealth of experience and intentions of the team to provide an inclusive and personalised sanctuary makes my heart sing. 

I remember wondering after my first ever Primary Series, ‘who on earth would choose to do that again, and downward dog is definitely NOT a rest pose people!’  To have gone from then to where I was literally transported through the series by the breath, it truly is a moving meditation.  I enjoy weaving in yin/feminine elements to find the rest, play and pleasure within the ‘yang-ness’ of the series. I believe this approach can then be applied to our ‘real lives’; a moving meditation as we all seek some conscious balance to our busy, mostly yang-based culture.

I light up helping students find their safe and unique baseline practice, then compassionately witness & support their very human journey with it.  I value the varying seasons of life each student is in. I can particularly relate to newer mums, offering support in post-natal class for not only redefining & enjoying their practice, but their changes in neurochemistry, identity and relationships.

My greatest joy is seeing students drop into themselves, that’s where all the magic can be found and expressed.  I aim to provide a safe and brave space for that expression to occur, which can contribute to the body and mind returning to its Prakruti or homeostasis sanctuary state.

My own current season is a dynamic one, with 3 small children down in Kettering. Dedicating energy into starting a Birth House, teaching & working at Earthenry Farm, running women’s events, post-natal doula, and as ever, a student. 

I thank my teachers; the Yoga People, Sunny Rose Healey, Embodied Philosophy, Julia Jones, Awakened Spirit Yoga, family and every student.

Trained in:

Ashtanga Vinyasa (2014)

Rocket Yoga (2014)

Ayurveda for Women (2016)

Newborn Mothers (2020)

Post-Natal Yoga (2022)

Martin Blanschke

Yoga Teacher


I began my yoga journey “reluctantly” in 2015 because I needed to move, get fit and retain fitness after leaving the squash scene.  For me the magic happened in my second vinyasa class – I was totally “yoga-stoned”.  I practiced increasingly over the next 14 months until undertook my 200hr vinyasa teacher training.  Teaching started shortly afterwards – late 2017, in an established studio and classes in community halls, and established community classes.  throughout my teaching journey I have developed a strong, playful and fun style of vinyasa suitable for everyone that will leave you feeling good, having a laugh, a bit of banter, and breathing better!  

In early 2018 I undertook a yin teacher training and began teaching this also.  In my yin classes I provide a space for everyone to allow their bodies to let go, relax, and receive the benefits of the practice in a safe, supported and comfortable environment.  

Our instructors

Our instructors